Broad Gauge Wheels

It is not generally possible to use 00 'scale' wheels to model the broad gauge, as the over scale treads and flanges will not fit within the very limited clearances available. This limits the choice of wheels that can be used, as Ultrascale are only available to order wih a huge lead time, and Sharman Wheels are no longer available, having disappeared into the Phoenix Precision Paints 'black hole'. Unless you can aquire second hand product, Alan Gibson is the only option. The Broad Gauge Society can supply a very limited range of wheels (2) at a premium price.

Track Gauge
Back to Back
Tyre Width
2.0mm (max)
Pinpoint axle length
35.3mm (BGS ones nominal 35mm)

Constructing a Pinpoint Wheelset

When I first started broad gauge modelling, pinpoint axles were not available (out of stock with the BGS for years), so I had to make my own. I turned down some steel rod in the lathe, and the result worked (sort of), but I had trouble with the rod flexing while machining the ends, and making the pinpoints off centre, which introduced wheel wobble. More recently I figured out a much easier method, which does not require the use of a lathe.

In addition to a P4 gauge pinpoint wheelset, you will require some 2mm inside diameter brass tube from KS or similar (available on eBay). Just cut the existing wheelset in half, no need to remove the wheels from the axle - it doesn't need to be precise. Then cut a 27mm length of the brass tube using your back to back gauge as a guide (cut overlength and file back to be the same width as your gauge). Now just superglue the 2 half wheelsets into the ends of the tube.

BG pinpoint wheelset 1

BG pinpoint wheelset 2

BG pinpoint wheelset 3

Page updated : 28 Jan 2018