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Trainz related Websites

AJS-TRS (andi06's website)
British Trainz
Tempest Trainz (Tempest70's website)
Trainz Luvr
Trainz Pro Routes
UK TrainSim
Virtual Southern Region

BVE related websites

For those of you who haven't come across it before, BVE is a freeware train driving simulator (cab view ONLY). There is an awfull lot of London Underground content available for it. There are (at least) 3 versions in circulation - BVE 2, BVE 4, and Open BVE, that are not entirely compatible with each other, although generally BVE 2 content will work in BVE 4.

BVE London Underground
BVE Pages
Chris's BVE Pages
London BVE Tube
London Underground OpenBVE Archive Page

London Underground related websites

BowRoadUK's Photosets on Flickr
Clive's UndergrounD Line Guides
District Dave's London Underground Site
Harsig's Signalling Page
London Underground History
R.J.Waterhouse Website
Tube Prune

Other UK Rail related websites

Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
Festiniog & WHR
Leighton Buzzard Railway

Philippine Railroad related websites

International Steam
Philippine Railway Historical Society
Railroads & Ships in the Philippines
Steam Locomotive Information

Broad Gauge Websites

Broad Gauge Society                     - The primary broad gauge resource
John Speller's GWR webpage
Sparkshot Custom Creations        - Shapeways Webstore
Modelmaster Jackson Evans        - Produces a range of Broad Gauge locomotive nameplates
Narrow Planet                                  - Can produce any locomotive nameplate to order

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