Broad Gauge Modelling

Like many born in the 1950s and 60s my introduction to railway modelling began with the gift of a Triang/Hornby OO gauge train set for Christmas, way back in 1966. With the introduction of pre-grouping liveries to their range, and inspired by a couple of articles in 'Airfix Magazine' I transfered my modelling interests to The Great Western Railway. After the usual gap caused by starting work and living in rented accomodation, I restarted modelling upon purchase of my own house. Having long been fascinated by the wonderfully bizarre creations from the early days of the GWR, I joined the Broad Gauge society in 1997, since when most of my modelling has been to BG4 gauge (28.08mm - the broad gauge equivalent of P4). Unfortunately, by that time the broad gauge kits produced by Mike Sharman and latterly marketed by Model Railway Services were no longer available. This (and the disappearance of Keyser and their Rover kit) removed the only source of easily built locomotives, making getting started modelling the broad gauge rather problematic.

Broad Gauge Wheels
Broad Gauge Locomotives
Broad Gauge Coaches
Broad Gauge Wagons
Constructing a Broad Gauge 4 plank wagon
Scratchbuilding a 'Sully' Private Owner Wagon
Rolling Road

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