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This section of the site contains details of the content I have created for the Auran Trainz railway simulator. All content was created for TRS2004, and has been tested to work also in TRS2006. The scenery items should work in earlier versions of Trainz but have not been tested. The use of these assets in later versions and the TANE simulator by N3V games are NOT licensed or supported. This content was originally hosted on the TrainzProRoutes website, which has subsequently disappeared, so is now hosted here (if I can get it to work).

London Underground Tube Stock
London Underground Surface Stock
London Underground Engineering & Service Stock
London Underground Scenery
Other UK content
Philippines Content

Trainz Tutorials

There used to be a very large number of tutorials on the internet which could help in the creation of Trainz content. Whilst setting up this site and checking links, it has become apparent that a large number of these on-line tutorials, including some of the best and most well known, no longer exist. In an attempt to plug the gap, I am offering the following tutorials to help you get started in content creation using the Gmax 3D modelling program.

Installing & Setting up Gmax
A First Model in Gmax
Converting Sketchup Models

London Underground Modelling

Having a relatively modern house with space at a premium, There is no room for a 00 gauge LU layout, so N gauge it has to be. The trouble is, there is not much available in this scale.

N gauge LU Rolling Stock

Broad Gauge Modelling

Most of my railway modelling nowadays is of Brunel's 7ft broad gauge railways in 4mm/foot scale.

Broad Gauge Modelling

3D Printing

As an experiment, I decided to investigate the feasability of using 3D printing to produce components that would be difficult to produce using standard modelling techniques. This combines the 3D design techniques used for Trainz, with real world modelling.

3D Printing

Other Stuff

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Page updated : 22 Nov 2020